Give Self-Doubt the Finger

As I write this post, I am fully aware that I am in need of a bit of my own advice.  My biggest obstacle in all aspects of life is self-doubt.  (I’m sure I’m not the only one who can relate.)  That feeling that I am not good enough, not qualified enough, not experienced enough, runs deep.  I am writing this partly as a way to hold myself accountable, recognize those feelings for what they are, and move past them.

I have always looked at older, more established, more successful people that seemed to have all their ducks in a row and thought, ‘One day I will have it all figured out too.”  Well, guess what?  The older I get, the more I realize I don’t think those people I admired, or anyone in general, really ever fully “figures it out.”  The real difference between successful people and people hanging back in the shadows is that the successful people took risks because they know their own worth and can perpetuate that feeling to others.  (Or maybe they can just fake it really well, I don’t know… Who knows, maybe there’s some truth to “Fake it til you make it.”)

Part of taking a risk is having the confidence in yourself that the outcome will be in your favor.  When I look back on choices I made, I find that just about every time I was playing it safe.  Now there isn’t anything wrong about playing it safe, unless your ambitions outweigh your safety net.  For an ambitious person to play it safe is a death sentence to their goals and dreams.  Self doubt is like a weight that will sink you if you can’t let it go.

A few months ago, after feeling very much stuck in a rut, I took a job that I didn’t really expect to get or think I was qualified for but still, I took the chance to interview and got the position.  It hasn’t been everything I had expected and I still think I played it a little too safe but with each risk comes a learning experience and a chance to give self doubt the middle finger.

Before this job, I was ready to give up, wondering why I had put so much time and effort into something I wasn’t made for, thought if I haven’t made it in this industry yet it will probably never happen…  Now, although it’s still not perfect, I have a whole new motivation to succeed in the industry I am so passionate about.  I am without a doubt still learning every step of the way but I am hopeful about what is to come because I refuse to take the easy way out anymore.

Do I have it figured out?  Most definitely NOT.  Difference now is that I realized I don’t need to “figure it out” in order to make moves toward my goals.  My goals might change over time but life is all about the process.  Heck, I’m still in my twenties, I am in no rush.  With every new experience comes the opportunity to learn and grow and I am so ready for that.

Who’s with me?



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