#GOALS for days

Hello 2018!

I am back to document the epic FAIL that has been this blog.  I started it as a way to escape, as well as a way to keep myself motivated through a huge transition in my life and a big move from California to the Pacific North West.  And let me tell you… it didn’t work.  After my first post, I was one-and-done.  That being said, I AM BACK!  And with a completely new outlook on life.  So many things have changed since my last post and here is an update…

  1. I got certified as a personal trainer!  After earning my degree in Exercise Physiology, I felt this was the next step in my goal of pursuing a career in the fitness industry.  I got certified through NASM.  It was a challenging program but well worth it in the end.
  2. I got a kitten!  My boyfriend and I adopted the sweetest little kitten from our local Humane Society and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made.  They say cats are good for your mental health and I have to say I believe it.  After having my little snuggle bug for about 6 months now I am officially a crazy cat lady.  We also have a 115 lb German Shepard and they are absolutely in LOVE with each other.  It is the greatest thing!
  3. I got a new job!  I had been working as the receptionist for a cute little salon in our downtown area and loved the place, the job, and the girls I was working with, however; a career as a receptionist was not what I had in mind for myself so I applied for a job as a personal trainer at a local fitness facility.  It was the first personal training position I had applied for and I wasn’t sure I was totally qualified (no real personal training experience here) but I got the job!  Not only that but it turned out to be a full time position as well so bye-bye minimum wage receptionist job, hello fitness industry!  My new job is at a large fitness club and I am the only personal trainer/fitness staff which is exciting and daunting at the same time.  To say I dove into this new personal training career headfirst is an understatement.

I am not writing this to brag, by any means, but rather to inspire.  I was in a place where I was unhappy, unsure, and unconfident and if anyone reads this, I hope it offers them the encouragement, confidence, and motivation to go after their goals and turn their dreams into realities.  I am so happy where I am in this journey right now, but I know there is more out there.  I wouldn’t be where I am without a few risks and I am so glad I took the plunge.  As for the future, my goals are as follows:

  1. Continue to work on my brand.  Although I am currently working for a gym, I someday hope to be in business for myself.  I would love to open my own training facility and continue to help others improve their health and lifestyles through fitness and nutrition.  With anything, I know this will take time but I am more motivated than ever to press on.
  2. Become debt free.  One thing I have never been good with is money.  Add on top college expenses, moving expenses, and just general life expenses and the debt just adds up.  Now that I am in a place where I have a little more financial freedom, one of my top priorities is to get out of credit card debt.  What a relief that will be when I accomplish it!
  3. Continue to be the happiest, healthiest version of myself.  I have always had a serious case of FOMO in my social life.  I always wanted to be out having fun with my friends and almost always chose that over having “me time”.  While there is certainly nothing wrong with spending time having fun with friends, there is a problem with feeling like that is what you need to complete you.  You can’t be truly happy until you are happy with yourself so I am making my best effort to focus on myself and to prioritize my goals over everything else.

Hopefully, somewhere in this storm of thoughts, there is a little motivation to take a risk, push yourself outside your comfort zone, and put your dreams into action; because without action, goals are just dreams.  Make 2018 your year!  I know it is going to be mine.




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