what they don’t tell you when you adopt a kitten

  1. She will cry at night and wake you up.  Count on losing sleep.
  2. She will avoid cuddling in favor of more exploring.
  3. She will scratch the furniture, bite the electrical cords, and hide in places she isn’t supposed to.
  4. She will be hungry. All. The. Time.
  5. She will use you as a human jungle gym any time you are at her level.
  6. She will surprise you (and give you a heart attack) every day with how daring she is.
  7. Her favorite place to nap will be your laptop keyboard when you’re trying to work.  She will think she is being helpful.
  8. She will be stinky at times, and just stinkin’ cute at others.
  9. She will have lots of cute toys but her favorite will be a random toothbrush.
  10. She will be the best decision you ever made.


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